// We are IRNUX

The work we do and the projects we undertake reflect our unique vision – the vision to excel beyond the mediocre and attain path breaking perfection.
With this vision in our mind we, a bunch of experts started off in the year 2003, with only the WWWeb as our office. From then onwards, we have been active in the Web, New media and eCommerce space providing cutting edge designs, web based, media and eCommerce solutions for our clients.
Today we are a well established company with offices in Dubai and Brussels.

What We Do

We strongly believe that the IRNUX Touch and Uniqueness should be manifested in every work we do. Our designs and solutions meet the individual goals and requirements of every client at the same time echo the artistic and creative ability of our team. With the use of the latest technology and the expertise of the best hands in the fields of web, media and eCommerce we create ideas, concepts and designs that are not only different but which also provide the best solution to our clients.

How We Innovate

Our strength lies in the ability to create a mix of innovative design, compelling content and seamless high end programming to generate high quality web-based application and eCommerce platforms for achieving optimal user experience and maximizing return on investment. For every work we take, we first do a complete analysis of the client, nature of business and the particular business' needs so that we could tailor our unique designs and solutions to best suit our client.